Summer Wedding Themes


Your wedding day is fast approaching, and you want to make it perfect. Your wedding's overall look and ambiance are a main priority to keep in mind. Everything will come quickly so it is important to take the time to enjoy it. Be prepared and watch everything fall into place. Our professionals at A and Z Flower Boutique in Astoria, NY are here to help you create the wedding of your dreams.

The Summer Dunes flower arrangement is a beautiful accent for those summer weddings. The summer-like colors and bright vibes radiate a classic beach feel. This summer flower arrangement is a beautiful accent that adds the necessary touch to an extraordinary summer wedding theme.

Beach weddings are a brilliant summer wedding theme. It’s a classic. Get there ahead of time and choose a spot; You'll need minimal decorations, and the tone is already set. Consider a sunrise wedding. The lighting is ideal for pictures, and the mood is ideal for romance. Summer flowers like the Sunflower or Rose would accent the bride as she walks down the soft white, sandy aisle. The radiance of the sun along with the perfect summer flowers make any wedding an ideal summer wedding theme.

Overlook the water and enjoy the way it reflects the light. Have a small, intimate wedding at the lake with family and friends, and accent the day with summer flowers. Add the bride's favorite flower to this summer wedding theme, overlook the water and enjoy the way it reflects the light. Have the groom incorporate something special into the evening. Adding something into the bouquet that reminds him of his special someone is the perfect way to finish off this summer wedding theme. Delicate summer flowers are a summer must.

Regardless of the summer wedding theme you choose, your day is meant to be special. It is important that it remains a reflection of your relationship. The beauty of a summer wedding along with the ambiance of the season makes it an ideal wedding theme. Summer flowers are striking and bold. The reflection of a summer wedding is nothing short of special. Let our florists at A and Z Flower Boutique at Astoria, NY help you with the summer flowers that correctly reflect your summer wedding theme.

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