Spring's TOP Bulb Flowers


Spring is the time for beautiful weather, colorful shades of beautiful décor, a clean atmosphere and an array of beautiful bulb flowers. As we anxiously await these seasonal buds’ arrival, it is best to know the facts backing them.

What is a Bulb Flower?

Let’s get to the root of the facts. Bulb flowers are a spring staple. One of the best ways to describe a bulb flower is as “a promise for a plant to come.” Bulbs are just a term for a plant that grows underground in a mass of storage tissue.

Scales made up of carbohydrates hold the premature plant inside, nourishing it before it becomes the budding beauty that we all know and love. Some of the most popular bulb flowers include two easily recognized spring staples, tulips and daffodils.

Why are Bulb Flowers Prominent in the Spring?

Bulb flowers are known to be prominent in the springtime, and many of the world’s most popular flowers are bulbs. Bulbs are spring staples because of when they are planted and when they blossom. Bulbs are planted in autumn, so they can bud in spring. They are stubborn flowers that refuse to bud without their winter’s sleep. Bulbs need their beauty sleep.

Scientifically, bulb flowers are prominent in spring because that is when they are well-rested and ready to make their grand entrance, so all can admire them. In a deeper sense, it only seems appropriate considering spring is the budding season for the entire year. It’s the season of new beginnings and the time we put to better our lives is ready to blossom.

Spring’s TOP Bulb Flowers

If you have ever admired a vase of tulips or took a second look at an assortment of daffodils, you understand why these flowers are among the top bulb flowers for the spring.

Additional bulb flowers that are easily recognized by many are several varieties of irises, buttercups, freesias, some lilies and hyacinth. All these brilliant florals are present in springtime. They are found in fields, in stylistic choices for the home, in clothing attire and are given as a gesture of love and friendship.

The most popular bulb, the tulip, is related to another popular spring flower, the lily. The tulip comes in almost every variety of cup-shaped petals except true blue. It can be found in a purplish-blue, though, so there is a tulip for practically everyone.

Where to Utilize Bulb Flowers in Your Life

With these florals being such iconic symbols of renewal and natural mood boosters, they are ideal to add to your home’s décor all spring long. They are a great finishing touch to spring cleaning and are equally beautiful to send as a sweet gift to the people you care about the most this spring.

In fact, the bulb flower's meaning of renewal isn't just symbolic. If you dig up a tulip bulb midsummer, you won’t find the bulb you planted the past year. It would be that bulb’s daughter. Even in the blossoming process, the bulb is dividing for its next generation.

With spring being the season that houses the celebration of mothers, consider sending some brilliant bulb flowers to your mother on Mother’s Day. The best bulb flowers to send for Mother’s Day are undeniably tulips.

Could it be their soft yet vibrant colors? Maybe it is their seasonal attraction. They are in peak season after all. What is it about their beauty and spring-like association that makes them so desirable? Regardless, sending mom a bouquet of fresh tulips for Mother’s Day is a sure-fire win.

Spring is the season for change. It is a promise for new life. It is the breath of fresh air that offers warmth after the chilly winter months. Bulb flowers are natural representations of that. These symbols of spring are appreciated both indoor and out and are simply beautiful.

Things You Might Not Know About Tulips

You have options when it comes to choosing your tulips this spring. They are divided into around 150 species and around 3,000 naturally and genetically cultivated varieties worldwide. However, that popular bulb flower, the tulip, carries a much deeper symbolism than many realize.

Like many flowers, their bold-colored and symmetrical stems are edible! In fact, during World War II, tulip bread was eaten by the people who couldn’t afford other options. They can replace onions in recipes and may even be used in wines.

Our florists at A and Z Flowers Boutique in Astoria, NY, are here to help answer any questions you may have about bulb flowers. We are also able to help you share their beauty, representation of renewal and spring symbolism with our same-day flower delivery to the people you love.

Share the beauty of flowers in this rejuvenating season, even when circumstances that surround us may not feel cooperative. Flowers are a connecting element for us all. They are a transitioning factor that connects nature with people. They not only connect us with nature. They also allow us to connect with one another.

With that in mind, let bulb flowers send words of encouragement, convey love and reflect new beginnings when it is needed most.

Keep calm and stress less with bulb flowers this spring!

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