Everything You Need for Galentines Day


Girls just want to have fun. This includes on the notoriously popular holiday for couples known as Valentine’s Day. More and more women are banding together to celebrate in their own way during the Valentine’s Day escapades. It’s time to join forces with your girlfriends because Galentine’s Day is taking the world by storm.

Some consider Galentine’s Day a revolt on romantic traditions, Valentine’s Day flowers and Valentine’s Day gifts, but Galentine’s Day doesn’t completely take precedence over the romantic holiday. In fact, Galentine’s Day festivities are celebrated on February 13th, so single or taken women alike can enjoy celebrating Galentine’s Day with their girlfriends and can still celebrate Valentine’s Day with their significant other.

Galentine’s Day is all the fun of celebrating Valentine’s Day with friends while leaving Valentine's Day open to enjoy or protest its festivities.

The concept of Galentine’s Day originated off the TV show “Parks and Recreation.” To quote one of the show’s main characters Leslie Knope, “Oh, it’s only the best day of the year…Ladies celebrating ladies. It’s like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus, Frittatas.”

Often considered anti-Valentine's Day, Galentine’s Day can be as laid back or as intricate as your independent hearts’ desire. This holiday is an excellent excuse for a night in, a spa day or simply to treat your girls. We all know who runs the world, girls. Galentine’s Day just gives us another excuse.

If this is the year you plan on celebrating your girls, we want to help you by breaking down everything you need to know about Galentine’s Day!

Go with the Flow.

Whether you gather to celebrate 10 girlfriends or just 2, Galentine’s Day is still a day to be celebrated. The point of Galentine’s Day is to take the pressure of being in a relationship or to have a date for Valentine’s Day off the table. It is about enjoying where you are in life with the girls who are there to support you.

If you and your significant other are planning something for Valentine’s Day, but you still want to join in on the Galentine’s Day fun, do it. Plan that time together with your girlfriends. Cherishing and embracing friendships is so important, and Galentine’s Day is there to ensure you remember that.

In order to have a Galentine’s Day that you and your girlfriends will be talking about for years to come, it is important that you go with the flow, embrace the time you have together and just have fun with the girls. There should be no stress in planning, and you should feel no obligation. Galentine’s Day is just another name for girl’s night with some heart-shaped candy thrown in.

Gather the Girls.

Galentine’s Day is all about gathering the girls in celebration of female friendship. There are no strict rules when it comes to Galentine’s Day festivities. Some choose to go the original path that is based on the television show. This consists of eating breakfast, sharing Valentine’s Day goodies, exchanging gifts and an overall celebration of female friendship.

If you go beyond the holiday’s origins, you can celebrate in whatever way you want. Binge on candy, watch rom coms or treat yo’ self to a spa day with all the fixings. Go big or go home... literally. Galentine’s Day can consist of a fun party with the girls or a lazy night in. Not one of you or your girls are exactly the same, so don’t feel pressured to meet any expectations. It all boils down to preference.

Gather the girls, the games and the grub and get the Galentine’s festivities started. One great thing about this holiday is it can be easily thrown together, but if you choose to throw one or many Galentine’s Day parties, you’ll need to have a few things on hand. The main of which is the grub you’ll be snacking on!

Grub away.

Is it mimosas for two... or ten? Would you like eggs or pancakes... or both? Galentine’s Day is made with a small dose of sugar, spice and everything nice. Some add in a little pizzazz for character.

Galentine’s Day is a day for binging. Binging on yummy treats, movie marathons and gifts for yourself and your girlfriends is not only accepted. It is encouraged. The choice is yours to make.

When it comes to Galentine’s Day grub, you’ll have to decide on a time and a place. This could take place at home, wrapped under blankets, surrounded by pizza and candies. You can also get glammed up and partake in a night out on the town. Galentine’s Day can be laid back, glammed out or sophisticated. It all depends on you and your girl group. It is all about gaining memories with the girls who mean the most to you in a way you all will enjoy.

Galentine’s Day Gains

It is all about those Galentine’s Day gains. Gain memories that will last a lifetime. Gain inspiration from the strong, independent women who surround you. Gain new traditions that will be celebrated even when you aren’t single. Gain moments because you can’t gain time once it’s gone.

Galentine’s Day wasn’t formed to distract women from the fact they are single or unattached on Valentine’s Day. It was formed to remind women that they are strong, beautiful, bold and deserve to celebrate and recognize the role they play in making the world a better place. Can we get a yaaas, girl?

What started off as a fictional holiday based on a comedic show has turned into a well-received, unofficial holiday celebrated by gals everywhere. The question isn’t whether you celebrate Galentine’s Day. The question is why wouldn’t you celebrate it?

Start planning with your girlfriends now. Everything you need for Galentine’s Day starts with being willing to do anything with the best company around. Make sure there is plenty of grub and don’t be afraid of the Galentine’s Day gains.

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If one of your girlfriends can’t make it, make her feel special and included with a miss you Galentine’s Day bouquet. It can be sent directly to her home or work. Make those Single’s Awareness Day blues a thing of the past. Who says the only flowers you can receive on Valentine’s Day have to be from a significant other?

Additionally, our floral designs are perfect centerpieces for Galentine’s Day brunches or get-togethers. They can be as specific or generic as you would like. If your Galentine’s Day party has a theme, be sure to talk with us about designing your arrangements to complement the desired aesthetic.

Girls just want to have fun, and Galentine’s Day is no exception. It is never too early to celebrate the strong females in your life. Be encouraged to celebrate your girlfriends more than once a year. Treat them when you can and be each other's accountability partners.

Ladies, life can be a lot. It is important that women encourage other women to keep pushing to be their best selves. It is never a bad time to send a gift, an encouraging message or take time to talk because let’s face it. We know who runs the world.

Excuse us as we head to brunch.

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